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Do you need a superior American male voice-over to promote your works or to market your goods or services? Look no further. As an accomplished voice-over artist Gary will confidently deliver a high-quality audio recording. Specializing in recording audios for different things, niches like eLearning, meditation, audiobooks, corporate videos, narration, etc. He is easygoing and very professional at the same, so rest assured while working with Gary, you can rest assured that not only will you receive an outstanding product and professional and prompt, world-class service.

Gary is quite proficient which is why he can ensure that your project will be delivered to meet or surpass your expectations. Besides, he is a creative individual and have invested many years of his life acquiring skills by working in the sales and customer service departments, Gary can also comfortably write a great script that will appeal to your target audience.

Gary believes his clients deserve the best and that is why he uses some of the best quality professional equipment for my voice-over recordings. Gary works in a professional studio environment to ensure excellence.

Who Is Gary?

Gary Middleton is a talented voice over artist and narration expert. Gary’s dedication to helping business’s voiceover projects succeed is unparalleled. He uses his natural male American voice to produce recordings in different niches like eLearning, narrations, meditation or audiobooks. He has served hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the globe with this strong yet soothing tone that can be perfect when you need someone who will give life your content!

Important Components of a Great Voiceover

My Voice Over Process:

What You Can Expect

Use the contact form here to let me know what your project is, (Commercial, Corporate Video, Documentary, Phone Message, etc.)
How many words in your script and if you have any special direction.

We will agree on a price.

Once you place your order I will verify your order and dialogue with you about any specifics needed.
I will review your directions and apply them for the voice over.
I will read and analyze your script to best determine the voice needed.
I will record in my professional home studio with professional equipment.
I will edit, master, and format all work to the highest standard and deliver in most cases under 24 hours.
You will always receive the very best communication, service, and high-quality voice over for your project twith me. It’s easy, simple, and quick.

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Why Text to Speech does not Work in Voiceover Today

Text to speech technology is an amazing innovation that has helped many people with disabilities live more independently. However, text to speech does not work in voicover today for a few reasons. First, text to speech technology relies on the written word, which doesn’t always translate well into spoken language. This is particularly true for complex concepts or jargon-heavy industries. Second, text to speech technology can’t always replicate the natural rhythm and inflection of human speech. This can make the resulting audio sound unnatural and difficult to listen to. Third, text to speech technology doesn’t always capture the nuances and subtleties of human expression. This can make the audio sound flat or robotic. For these reasons, text-to-speech is not yet an ideal solution for voiceover. Voiceover artists are still the best option for creating high-quality, natural-sounding audio.

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