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In recent years, podcasts have proven to be an effective technique to send out messages digitally. Most people prefer listening to podcasts to reading books and articles because they allow them to multitask. For example, it’s possible to listen to a podcast while cooking, cleaning, driving, doing your laundry or feeding your baby.

That said, the importance of a powerful podcast intro can never be overemphasized. Indeed, a good podcast is that which keeps the listeners hooked within the first five minutes.
Having acquired many years of experience in voiceover narration, Gary is one of the most competent professionals to provide an amazing podcast intro/outro on any subject or topic. Gary will leverage my natural American accent alongside his ability to do in-depth research on the subject to create a powerful intro that will appeal to your target audience. Even without an ad or brand interruption, his podcast intros always stand out and lure the target audience to engage till the very end.

Gary works in a professional studio environment ensuring that he produces excellent quality podcast intros that supersede the expectations of his clients.
You can contact Gary directly at 530-552-1196, send an email to gary@garymiddletonvo.com or use the contact form on this page to book his podcast services.

A Good Podcast Intro is Essential for Success

The evidence suggests that if you’re not hooking your listeners in the first five minutes, they’re not going to continue listening. Podcasts loose up to 35 percent of the listeners in the first few minutes. This is why it’s crucial for podcasts with good intros (and voiceovers) like yours – where there are no ads or branding interruptions-to have an engaging topic/commitment toward making sure people stay engaged until the end of the episode!

Podcast contents

What are the Key Ingredients for a Podcast Intro?

Here are some elements every podcast intro needs:

Podcast name – Your podcast’s name. People need to know what they’re listening to.    
Episode number – This helps your listeners be sure they have selected the correct episode.    
Episode title – Just like an article, you need to have a title at the beginning.    
Hosts names – You and co-hosts should be introduced in the podcast intro.

How To Craft A Podcast Intro That Works For You

Decide On Your Audience
Determine What Makes Your Show Unique
Create An Outline
Create A Headline
Have Your Podcast Intro Script
Pick A Voiceover Artist
Keep It Simple

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