Educational E-learning

Educational E-learning

Are you searching for an accomplished American male voice to do a warm, clear and engaging narration for your audience? Search no further Gary has you covered. He will voice your eLearning, explainer, online training, whiteboard, corporate narration or other video with the proper tone – authority, warmth, encouragement, expertise or other specified approach.

eLearning is basically a fusion of technology, subject matter and motivation. Therefore, a well chosen narrator does not only help students to understand the subject matter, but it also motivates the students to continue learning and acquiring knowledge.

By hiring Gary, you can be sure that you are working with a professional who will use the right tone that is tailored to help your audience stay engaged throughout the video or course.

Gary is very much dedicated to his craft, thereby ensuring that all my clients are 100% satisfied. Gary is indeed that voiceover narrator who will do everything to meet your deadline, yet still, deliver world-class quality work that will supersede your expectations.

Gary’s equipment is of excellent quality and he works in a professional studio environment so that he can produce only the best audio recordings for his clients.

Feel free to contact Gary at 530-552-1196, send an email to or use the contact form on this page for all your questions and concerns.


The Importance of Educational e_Learning


There is no question that educational e-learning is important. It allows students to learn in new and innovative ways, and it helps teachers to reach more students more effectively.

One of the most important benefits of e-learning is that it is highly flexible and convenient. Students can learn at their own pace, and they can choose when and where to do their learning. This means that e-learning is an excellent option for students who have busy schedules or who live in remote areas.

E-learning is also often more affordable than traditional classroom-based instruction. In many cases, e-learning can be provided at no cost to the student. This is because e-learning can be delivered over the internet, which eliminates the need for expensive classroom space and materials.

E-learning is also highly effective. Studies have shown that students who take advantage of e-learning tend to perform better on standardized tests.

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How to Create an e-Learning Course

Creating an eLearning course is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, there are a number of software programs that allow you to create your own course without any programming knowledge. One popular program is Articulate Storyline, which allows you to create interactive courses with drag-and-drop ease. You can also use Adobe Captivate to create elearning courses, which are known for their high-quality simulations and interactions.

Regardless of the software program you choose, there are a few basic steps you need to follow in order to create an effective elearning course.

First, determine the learning objectives of your course. What do you want your students to learn?

Once you know the objectives, you can start creating content. This can include text, audio, video, and/or simulations. The key is to make sure that the content is engaging and interactive. Next, you need to create some assessments to measure student learning. This can be in the form of quizzes, tests, or even projects. Once you have the content and assessments created, it’s time to start building the course. This involves adding slides, pages, and interactions to your course. You can also add navigation buttons and menus to help students navigate through the course. When you’re finished building the course, it’s time for some final testing. Make sure to test the course on different browsers and devices. You also want to test it with a variety of students to get feedback. Once you’ve made any necessary changes, you can then publish the course and make it available to your students.

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When it comes to e-learning courses, the narrator’s voice is one of the most important elements of the course. The narrator’s voice provides the context and foundation for the course. It sets the tone and establishes the parameters for the learner. Additionally, the narrator’s voice can provide motivation and inspiration for the learner. Finally, the narrator’s voice can also be used to create a sense of community among the learners.

Gary’s voice is a great choice for e-learning courses because it is clear, concise, and motivating. His voice is also pleasant to listen to, which connects with the learners. Additionally, Gary’s voice is very professional, which can help to establish the tone and parameters for the course. Finally, Gary’s experience as a narrator and his ability to connect with the learner makes him an ideal choice for your e-learning courses.

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