ESL (English Second Language)

ESL (English Second Language)

Gary likes doing English as a second language voiceovers because he enjoys helping people learn the language.

Gary is a native English speaker based in Durham, NC. He has been doing voiceovers for many years and enjoys it immensely. He has a strong interest in helping people learn the English language, which is why he enjoys doing ESL voiceovers.

Gary is a talented voiceover artist and would be a great asset to your project. Contact him today at 530-552-1196, email at or use the contact form on this page to discuss your needs.

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What is Teaching English as a Second Language?

Teaching English as a second language (ESL) is the process of teaching the English language to students who are not native speakers. The goal of ESL is to help students improve their English language skills so that they can better participate in an English-speaking environment. Some students learn English in an ESL School. Others learn it on their own.

ESL teachers use a variety of methods to teach English. Some of these methods include:

                                      • Reading and writing activities
                                      • Listening and speaking exercises
                                      • Games and puzzles
                                      • Pronunciation instruction
                                      • Grammar lessons


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