Political Ads

Political Ads

Are you a politician and looking for the best ways to reach out to your target audience? In this age of technology you do not necessarily need to move from one state to another, from one city to another, or from one country to another to do your campaigns? It’s not only expensive, but it’s also quite draining.

However, a talented voice-over narrator can create great audio that can be circulated to millions of your target audience through several paid and free platforms.

Gary has several years of experience in producing top-quality audios for political activities. Gary will always take your direction and the demographic of your target audience into consideration as this helps me make informed decisions about the tone he will be using for the voice-over.

Of course, Gary can add sounds and special effects where necessary so that the audio will stand out and attract the attention that is very much needed by politicians.

Gary works in a professional studio environment to ensure that he can deliver audios that supersede the expectations of my clients. Gary also has some of the best quality professional equipment for voice-over audio production.

Call Gary now at 530-552-1196, send an email to gary@garymiddletonvo.comor use the contact forem on this page. Let’s take your political ambitions to the next level.


Political Ads Over the Years


Political ads have been running on television for many years. In fact, the first political ad ran in 1952. The ad was for Dwight Eisenhower’s campaign and it was only 30 seconds long. Since then, the number of political ads has increased dramatically. In the 2008 presidential election, there were over 1.2 million political ads aired. And in the 2012 presidential election, there were over 3.5 million political ads aired. Political ads can be very persuasive. In fact, research has shown that they can be up to twice as effective as regular ads. This is because political ads are designed to target specific issues that voters care about.

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Political Ad

Why Choose Gary for your Political Campaign Ad?


The world of politics is one that requires a voiceover artist with immense knowledge and experience. These videos require narration from an experienced storyteller who can convey values, intentions in passionate ways to inspire people about current conditions towards future prospects for their cause or message-whether it be positive or negative!

Gary has the perfect voice for a political ad. He can narrate it with the right tone of voice and passion that your ad calls for, making the listener feel like they’re really getting the inside scoop. Gary is the perfect spokesperson for any political campaign.

The 2 major Types of Political Ads


Political ads can be divided into two categories: attack ads and issue ads.


  1. Attack ads are those that focus on attacking an opponent, rather than discussing the issues. They often contain misleading or false information in order to damage the opponent’s reputation.
  2. Issue ads, on the other hand, discuss the positions of the candidates on specific issues. They are generally more informational than attack ads. Both types of political ads can be effective in swaying voters. However, attack ads may be more likely to result in negative feelings towards the candidate being attacked, while issue ads may be more likely to educate voters about the positions of the candidates.
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