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In recent years, the real estate marketplace has adapted to changes in technology by making use of several online strategies, including voice overs to enhance their real estate video tours. Therefore, if you are a realtor, builder or just someone trying to rent out or sell your home, it is imperative for you to get a talented voice over artist to do the recording for you.

Gary’s services are not only affordable, but he is also flexible enough to accept jobs at fairly short notice. Hire Gary for a professional quality real estate voice over for your listing video, virtual home tour, video walk-through, etc.

It’s proven that audio virtual tours help sell homes faster and earn a higher price. Audio virtual tours help the interested buyers perceive the value in the home you are presenting.

Rest assured your audio will be of excellent quality as Gary has invested in some of the most professional voice-over recording equipment. Besides, Gary does his recordings in a professional studio environment.

Hurry up and contact Gary at 530-552-1196, email him at or use the contact form on this page for more information on how we can create killer audio for you.

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Is a Realtor Needed Today for a Real Estate Video Tour?

No, a Realtor is not needed today for a real estate video tour. A real estate video tour is a fantastic way to show off your property without the hassle of having people come through. It’s easy to do. All you need is a good camera and some editing software and a voiceover artist.

First, take a tour of the property yourself. Film everything you can – the inside, the outside, the neighborhood, any special features. Be sure to get plenty of footage of the rooms and any unique selling points.
Next, edit your footage into a video. This can be done with any basic editing software. If you would like I can edit the video for you as well. Next we’ll add a voiceover to explain what the viewer is seeing and tell them some of the highlights of the property. Just provide me with your script.
More people will see your property than ever before. You can share your Real Estate Video Tour anywhere you can think of. You will have only qualified and interested buyers contacting you for more information or an in-person showing.
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Tips To Creating an Effective Real Estate Video Tour

Don’t over edit your video. The content you create for your videos should be authentic and accurate to avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes time for their visit. A client might find big differences between what they see on video, which could ruin the realtor’s credibility in this case! Make sure everything matches up so all expectations are met.
Take the slow approach to filming. Clients tend to appreciate video tours that are filmed at a slow pace. Avoid using an aggressive or glittering camera, panning each room, and walking slowly from room to room; take your time so as not to rush through any areas of interest!
A great tour will start with the best features. When an agent begins a video tour at the front door, they might be doing so because that is where their focus will lie. However- as with any sales process – it’s important to show off what makes your property unique and special before getting into more in-depth discussions about each room or feature of interest; otherwise clients can get bored easily during these early stages!
Prepare the property before you start the video. Little things can make a big difference in the real estate market. Walk through the property, open the drapes to let the natural light in, close the toilet lid, open all the doors, turn on the lights, even in the daytime, and open all the doors. 5. Hire an experienced Voiceover Artist. An engaging voice over will go a long way toward differentiating your listings from the competition. While a real estate video provides great value on its own, professional narration allows you to give viewers more context and features of the property they’re looking at.

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