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Do you need a superior American male voice-over to promote your works or to market your goods or services? Look no further. As an accomplished voice-over artist I will confidently deliver a high-quality audio recording. Specializing in recording audios for different things, niches like eLearning, meditation, audiobooks, corporate videos, narration, etc. I’m easygoing and very professional at the same, so rest assured while working with me, you can rest assured that not only will you receive an outstanding product and professional and prompt, world-class service.

I’m quite proficient which is why I can ensure that your project will be delivered to meet or surpass your expectations. Besides, I’m a creative individual and have invested many years of my life acquiring skills by working in the sales and customer service departments, I can also comfortably write a great script that will appeal to your target audience.

I believe my clients deserve the best and that is why I use some of the best quality professional equipment for my voice-over recordings. I also work in a professional studio environment to ensure excellence.


The world has become so digitized that audiobooks are increasingly becoming extremely popular. This explains why voice-overs for audiobooks are also becoming a huge phenomenon. I have been successfully producing audiobooks for years.

With the experiences I have acquired over the years, I can confidently narrate your book in a way that will engage your listeners. My goal is to bring life to your audiobook so that your listeners will stay glued even when they are multitasking.

I’m also a versatile individual who can switch my tone and voice to different tones such as the friendly, gritty, formal, warm, laid back, or high energy to specifically fit your manuscript.

I accept scripts of various formats, including doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, ppt, and ppt, etc. Nevertheless, I deliver my audios in the preferred format suggested by the client.

You can rest assured I will deliver an excellent voiceover that will supersede your expectations given that I work in a professional studio environment and use top-quality professional equipment.

Call me now at 530-552-1196 or send an email to for information on your audiobook voiceover.


Are you searching for an accomplished American male voice to do a warm, clear and engaging narration for your audience? Search no further I’ve got you covered. I will voice your eLearning, explainer, online training, whiteboard, corporate narration or other video with the proper tone – authority, warmth, encouragement, expertise or other specified approach.

eLearning is basically a fusion of technology, subject matter and motivation. Therefore, a well chosen narrator does not only help students to understand the subject matter, but it also motivates the students to continue learning and acquiring knowledge.

By hiring me, you can be sure that you are working with a professional who will use the right tone that is tailored to help your audience stay engaged throughout the video or course.

I’m very much dedicated to my craft, thereby ensuring that all my clients are 100% satisfied. I am indeed that voiceover narrator who will do everything to meet your deadline, yet still, deliver world-class quality work that will supersede your expectations.

My equipment is of excellent quality and I work in a professional studio environment so that I can produce only the best audio recordings for my clients

Feel free to contact me at 530-552-1196 or send an email to for all your questions and concerns.


The whole essence of mediation is to take you to a state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. That said, in this era of Information Technology, many people really enjoy voice guided meditation and that’s exactly where voice-over narrators like myself come in.

A guided meditation requires a natural calm and soothing voice that will take the person meditating on a journey of self-discovery through a series of breathing, meditation and relaxing exercises.

Over the years, I have practiced guided mediation in several formal settings and that explains why I have a deep understanding about how to use the right cadence, tone and pauses during the meditation.

As a professional meditation voice-over artist, I have taken it upon myself to invest in the best professional equipment that will enable me to produce audios that will supersede the expectations of my clients. I also work from a professional studio environment in a bid to record top-quality audios that will help your target audience achieve optimal meditation results.

I’m quite flexible and can switch to the tones and styles that suit your target demographics. Book me now through 530-552-1196 or email to


Are you in need of top-quality narration audio? I’m a professional voice-over artist who has amassed many years of experience in producing exceptional professional narrations. Having honed my skills by serving a multitude of clients across the globe, I can now boast of delivering exceptional natural American voice-over narrations.

I’m quite flexible and each narration I make is tailored to suit your script and target demographic. As versatile as I am, I can easily switch to several tones, including formal, sweet, friendly, high energy, warm, etc. where needed.

I have invested in top-quality professional equipment so rest assured your audio will be flawless. I also work in a professional studio environment just to deliver the best to my clients.

For every single project, I always take out time to first of all read and analyze the script to determine the most ideal tone and voice, thereby making sure that the target audience feels the message

Call me now at 530-552-1196 for more details. You can also send an email to


Are you a politician and looking for the best ways to reach out to your target audience? Trust me, in this age of technology you do not necessarily need to move from one state to another, from one city to another, or from one country to another to do your campaigns? It’s not only expensive, but it’s also quite draining.

However, a talented voice-over narrator can create great audio that can be circulated to millions of your target audience through several paid and free platforms.

I have several years of experience in producing top-quality audios for political activities. I will always take your direction and the demographic of your target audience into consideration as this helps me make informed decisions about the tone I’ll be using for the voice-over.

Of course, I can add sounds and special effects where necessary so that the audio will stand out and attract the attention that is very much needed by politicians.

I work in a professional studio environment to ensure that I deliver audios that supersede the expectations of my clients. I also have some of the best quality professional equipment for voice-over audio production.

Call me now at 530-552-1196 or send an email to Lets take your political ambitions to the next level.

Phone Message or Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The purpose of an IVR is to allow incoming callers to access information through a voice response system of pre-recorded messages without utilizing the menu options or speaking to an agent

For most businesses, the IVR is the first voice that their clients hear. It’s indeed the voice that represents most brands and businesses

It is therefore of utmost importance to get a skilled voice-over narrator to record a great message for your IVR. Having had several years of experience in creating exceptional voice-over audios, I will use my natural male American voice to create audio that will act as the first point of interaction between callers and your business.

I’m highly meticulous which explains why I take my time to understand every script before deciphering the best tone and style that suits your business and target audience.

I do my recordings in a professional studio environment which boasts of the best professional equipment required for voice-over recording. I’m also a time-conscious professional who always strives to make each client happy by delivering top-quality work within the required timeframe.

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Real Estate

In recent years, the real estate marketplace has adapted to changes in technology by making use of several online strategies, including voice overs to enhance their real estate video tours. Therefore, if you are a realtor, builder or just someone trying to rent out or sell your home, it is imperative for you to get a talented voice over artist to do the recording for you.

My services are not only affordable, but I’m also flexible enough to accept jobs at fairly short notice. Hire me for a professional quality real estate voice over for your listing video, virtual home tour, video walk-through, etc.

It’s proven that audio virtual tours help sell homes faster and earn a higher price. Audio virtual tours help the interested buyers perceive the value in the home you are presenting.

Rest assured your audio will be of excellent quality as I have invested in some of the most professional voice-over recording equipment. Besides, I do my recordings in a professional studio environment.

Hurry up and contact me at 530-552-1196 or email me at for more information on how we can create killer audio for you.